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Letter to the Chancellor of Kabul University

Professor Stephen J Toope

Professor Dr M Osman Babury
Kabul University

By email

4 November 2020

Dear Professor Babury,

I read with shock and grave concern about the terrible events at Kabul University this week. May I offer the sincere condolences of everyone at the University of Cambridge at the appalling loss of life resulting from this attack.

I believe that Higher Education, with its capacity to work across borders to tackle some of the great global challenges, is a force for good in an uncertain world. An attack on a university is an attack on the future and a grave assault on all that we at Cambridge hold dear.

As you face the task of rebuilding and renewing your educational mission, please know that you have the good wishes and support of friends in universities around the world.

With best wishes,

Professor Stephen J Toope

University of Cambridge


Letter from Vice-Chancellor Professor Stephen J Toope to the Chancellor of Kabul University, Professor Dr M Osman Babury

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