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“Cambridge in Numbers” wins IVCA award


The International Visual Communications Association is the professional body for the corporate visual communications industry. Its annual awards, judged by a panel of industry experts, aim to recognise and reward excellence.

Cambridge in Numbers introduces the University through some of its key statistics, presented by four current undergraduates whose words and actions seamlessly co-ordinate with the award-winning graphics of Will Hammond, Editor at Contrapositive.

Lewis MacDonald is one of the four students in the film. He is from Nottingham and studies law at Queens' College. Cambridge in Numbers was his first experience of film-making.

“It was really fun,” Lewis said, “though it was a challenge to get the hand movements right so they would fit the graphics.

“There’s only so far that statistics will take you, but it’s so important for key facts, like the fact that 60% of UK students came from state schools, to be better known. 

“I hope that people watching the film will also see that there’s no such thing as a typical student. We’re from all ages and backgrounds.”

Sarah Middle, New Media Project Officer in the Cambridge Admissions Office, who co-ordinated the film’s creation, said: “We were really happy with the finished film.  We hope it will reassure students about the application process and career prospects, as well as the academic and extracurricular aspects of Cambridge life.”

Jon Beard, Director of Undergraduate Recruitment, received the award for the University.  He said “Video and film play an increasingly important role in our communications with prospective students, helping us to introduce new perspectives and counter misconceptions about Cambridge.

“Contrapositive’s graphics are integral to the finished film. We were excited to read their creative response to our brief and we are delighted that their innovative approach has been recognised by the IVCA.” 

Will Hammond said: "It’s a fantastic honour to win an IVCA and a great reward for all the hard work everyone at Contrapositive put into the making of this film.

“We always strive to produce films that exceed client expectations and in Cambridge in Numbers we have produced a film that not only successfully informs prospective students but does so in a way that's distinct, imaginative and makes it stand out from the crowd."

  • Watch Cambridge in Numbers on YouTube.

Cambridge in Numbers, one of a series of films demystifying Cambridge admissions, teaching and student life, has won an IVCA Gold Award for Best Post Production.

Lewis presents part of Cambridge in Numbers

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