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Exeter College, Oxford and Cambridge Universities celebrate 10 years of working together for South West students

Exeter College Information Day

Downing College, Cambridge and Exeter College, Oxford have been working with the further education college in Exeter to organise this event every year since 2003.  The Information Day offers up-to-date information, advice and encouragement to local students about aiming high in their HE choices.

John Laramy, Deputy Principal of Exeter College, Exeter, said: “We are delighted to host the valuable Information Day for the tenth year at Exeter College.

“The day is an important part of the comprehensive progression programme that we offer all of our students in order for them to make informed and appropriate choices for their future – whether that be higher education or employment,"  John added.

Devon student Tom Chudley attended the Information Day when he was in Year 12. Tom now volunteers as Access Officer at Downing College and volunteered to take part in the day to show that they really make a difference.

“The Information Day was the first opportunity I had to see that applying to Cambridge was a viable option for someone like me," Tom commented. “It really helped to strip away misconceptions about what the University is like - misconceptions that would have otherwise stopped me from attending open days at Oxford and Cambridge."

"For this reason, it's essential that Oxford and Cambridge come to Devon rather than the other way around."

Dr Marcus Tomalin, Admissions Tutor (Arts) for Downing College, said: “Downing College has been closely involved in Widening Participation activity in the South West for more than a decade now.

“Events such as this one at Exeter College enable us to reach out to a large number of potential applicants from many different schools in the region."

Dr Guy Williams, Admissions Tutor (Science) at Downing College Cambridge, who led several sessions at the event, added: “These events are crucial as they enable us to explain our applications procedures and demonstrate that Oxford and Cambridge area open to the academically able, wherever they come from.”

The Exeter College Oxford and Cambridge Information Day is one of a series of similar events organised by Cambridge and Oxford colleges across Devon, Cornwall and Dorset. Each Information Day is hosted by a state school or college and open to Year 12 and Year 11 students.

During the days, Admissions Tutors, School Liaison Officers and current undergraduates hold talks, discussions and workshops covering admissions, student life, personal statements, interviews, and finances. The goal is to inform students about the opportunities available to them at both universities, and to encourage those who may not have previously considered Oxford and Cambridge to think about applying.

Pictured: (clockwise from bottom left):

  • Rhannon Main, Chemistry Undergraduate, St Edmund Hall, Oxford University
  • Ashley Walters, Schools Liaison Officer, Exeter College, Oxford University
  • Tomas Williams, College Adviser, Exeter College, Exeter
  • Sam Turner, School and College Liaison Officer, Downing College, Cambridge University
  • Dr Martin Gilbert, Reach Academy Co-ordinator, Exeter College, Exeter
  • Dr Guy Williams, Admissions Tutor, Downing College, Cambridge University
  • Tom Chudley, Geography Undergraduate, Downing College, Cambridge University
  • Dr Daniela Omlor, Queen Sofia Junior Research Fellow, Oxford University

Exeter College, Exeter, this week celebrated 10 years of hosting its annual Oxford and Cambridge Information Day, bringing admissions tutors and undergraduates from both universities to Devon so that local students can hear direct from the experts.

10th Anniversary Oxford and Cambridge Information Day

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